5 Simple yet Soul Stirring Shadow Work Questions that will Change your Life

5 Simple yet Soul Stirring Shadow Work Questions that will Change your Life

7 Soul Stirring yet Simple Shadow Work Questions

Shadow work does not have to be intimating in order to be effective.  In fact grab yourself a notebook and journal out these answers with the first answers that come to mind.  Do not edit, erase and cross out your first response as that is your true self trying to communicate.

You will no doubt be tempted to censor your initial responses but remember there are no right or wrong answers and nobody else has to see your answers. . Shadow work is the one place you don’t have be perfect but you do have to be honest. It is in this place of honesty that true realizations and epiphanies can occur.

7 Soul Stirring Shadow Work Questions

    1. What is the thing I fear most about finding out about myself?
    2. What is the label I fear being most and why?
    3. .What is the thing I’m most ashamed of if others find out?
    4. What is the biggest lie I’ve ever told?
    5. How do I manipulate people?
    6. In what Areas of my Life am I still playing Victim?
    7. What trait do you constantly find yourself judging others harshly for and why?

Did you answer the questions? What did you feel about them? Which question was the most revealing?

Personally, I struggled with question 5 regarding judgment the most which is why I subconsciously listed it last.  For years I constantly would judge people harshly for being an addict and yet here I was addicted to sugar, technology and gaming.  Needless to say these addictions were not as destructive as hard drugs or alcohol but they were damaging to me and made me no better than anyone needing a break from this sometimes harsh reality.

Ultimately we are all doing the best we can with what resources we have. and fortunately shadow work has been a godsend and a helpful healing tool.  How has shadow work helped you?   Please feel free to share your responses in the comments..  Keep in mind by sharing your responses it encourages others to do the same..  Together we heal!

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