Conspiracy Theories a Pursuit of the Truth or an Ultimate Distraction?

Conspiracy Theories a Pursuit of the Truth or an Ultimate Distraction?

There is no doubt, we live in a world where nothing is as it seems. We could endlessly get lost in spiraling rabbit holes that indefinitely have the heads of veteran truth seekers spinning. It seems these rabbit holes are never ending and one always leads to another.

Oddly enough no matter the conspiracy, you can find endless evidence to support all sides regarding the how, what, when, where, and why. This is applicable to every conspiracy theory I can think of.

Understanding this makes the search for truth a life long pursuit that often winds up fruitless as the deeper into the rabbit hole you go the further from reality one gets, the more ungrounded and dysregulated one becomes. Alex jones is the epitome of this phenomenon in action.. Thankfully he is an extreme example, most people can find their way through these rabbit holes without being completely consumed.

I’ve even noticed this in my own pursuit of truth which has been on going since 2012. I’ve trudged through every conspiracy imaginable and the deeper I went down the rabbit hole, the less I felt satisfied. I’ve spent hours watching truthers who claimed to understand the inner workings of this reality only to discover they barely understood how to master their own reality let along the reality of existence as we know it.

This has been especially true the last couple years with the pandemic.  Unfortunately us conspiracy theorists, theories are proving to be reality when it comes to things like the jab and lockdowns.  Seeking truth here made me undoubtedly a healthier person physically and in turn a better person overall.

Another conspiracy that made me a better person was realizing that anything from the main stream media, celebrities or politicians are incentivized by greed and often promote false narratives which support the corporations who own them.

Other than those two particular conspiracies, I would say the rest have been a great big huge waste of time which I will never get back!  Which leads me to believe that conspiracy theories are something to be partaken of but with moderation and balance much like a glass of wine. I’ve learned the moment I feel myself being sucked or drawn down a rabbit hole is a red flag that cautions me to back off.

Ultimately one has to ask themselves what is the benefit of deep diving down a conspiracy rabbit hole? Is it going to make you a better more kind person? Will it help improve your relationships or will it cause alienation? is it helping you reach your goals or is it a distraction?

The answer is different for everyone because we are all different but you will intuitively feel whether the conspiracy theory pursuit provides actual value to your life.

If you are anything like me you will find that most conspiracy theories serve nothing more than a never-ending constantly changing distraction from your ultimate purpose which is to grow and evolve.

I know after this incarnation is over I will not look back on my life and wish I had gone down more rabbit holes.  However, I would regret not becoming my highest potential.

Ultimately perhaps conspiracy theories are the ultimate conspiracy designed to keep us from achieving your unlimited human potential by providing endless rabbit holes and distractions that only drain energy and provide little nourishment much like junk food.

What are your thoughts about conspiracy theories?  Has pursuing conspiracy theories helped you become a better person? If so I would love to hear about how in the comments below.

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