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Your Pinterest Account Audit / Review

As a savvy business owner you understand constant traffic is like the oxygen for your business. Moreover you see others using Pinterest as their very own traffic generating machine. Leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  Understandable as Pinterest can be a time sink especially if you are unsure on which direction you are headed in.

Imagine trying to navigate in a foreign city without a GPS at rush hour.  You might have a vague idea on where you are going but without guidance you will get lost. Perhaps you even run out of gas along the way, leaving you stranded on the road with cars passing you by.

In this case the foreign city is Pinterest and our team is your GPS.  We provide you with a direct route to the traffic, and the sales you want.  Giving you plenty of time and energy to focus on your business.  Which means you can fly past your competition, and create the life you deserve.

Thankfully our Pinterest Account Audit is a quick and convenient way to discover how to get the most out of Pinterest. We will provide an in depth report, full of easy to implement steps turning your Pinterest into a traffic generating monster. Resulting in significantly more engagement and potentially sales.

Your Pinterest Account Review Includes

  • Advice on your profile everything from keywords to photos
  • Board analysis with suggestions on board titles, keywords and board descriptions.
  • Hashtag Suggestions (up to 5)
  • New Board Suggestions
  • Analysis of Pin Designs with Design Suggestions and Samples
  • Discover what boards to keep and delete 

Our Pinterest Account Reviews are $249.00

Pinterest Account Management Service Application

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