Why Savior Programming Narratives are Dangerous to Humanity

Why Savior Programming Narratives are Dangerous to Humanity

We live in a savior based culture.  A culture full of children expecting either Jesus, Trump or aliens to come save them.  Sadly they will spend the rest of their lives waiting, as many generations before.  The fact of the matter is we humans are the savior of humanity.

The savior programming narrative has been around for as long as humans and has had several different incarnations.  Presently in December 2021 there are several popular savior based narratives.

Current Savior Narratives

Here are the most common savior narratives

  • Jesus
  • New Age Ascension
  • Aliens
  • Donald Trump and Q
  • Government

All the above, are savior based narratives that are keeping humanity enslaved.  You can not be sovereign and want a savior to intervene simultaneously.  As this would be a great big huge disservice to the human race. Comparable to parents who keep their children from failing. Humanity is in its youth and we have allot of growing up to do.  Therefore having someone come in with daddies credit card to save us teaches us zilch, nada nothing. as a human race.

Religion Savior Programming Narratives

The Jesus savior and ascension narrative are “two peas in a pod”.  They both promote their followers to look to an external source instead of a direct relationship with our one infinite creator.  Before I get into the Jesus savior narrative, I want to provide some background and origins of the word religion.  Because when we understand where a word comes from we can then know about its intent.

From Latin verb Religare: “to tie back; to hold back; to thwart forward press; to bind. Religion is a unchallenged dogmatic system used to control and limit the progress of human consciousness.  Both Christianity and the New age movement has had a negative impact on consciousness in two separate but equally disturbing ways.

Having said that I want to clarify that I am not talking about spirituality as I believe everything is spiritual and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Jesus Savior Narrative

I want to preface this next section as it is not my intent to disrespect Jesus.  Although I do vehemently oppose how the Bible has perverted and distorted the truth about Jesus.  I consider Jesus to be one of or the highest evolved beings to ever walk the earth.  Furthermore this is also not knocking the Bible as it is a beautiful book of allegory

Growing up in both Southern Baptist and Pentecostal churches I witnessed the destruction and dangers of believing savior based thinking.  Dogmatic religions encourage people to be passive and not seek active solutions to their problems.  They tell people cop out options like just pray about it.   Instead of Pray it should say prey as this leaves Christians in a disempowered state of passivity.

Perhaps you have heard the old adage about the man who was, clinging to the roof in the flood and a boat and helicopter both offered to help this man.   Of course the water rose and natural law intervened and when he drowned, he showed up in the afterlife angry at God for letting him die.  God simply said What more do you want?  I sent a boat and a helicopter and all you had to do is get on.   Moral of the story, spirit will support us but it won’t save us as this is our responsibility.

The glaring problem with the Jesus savior narrative is it teachers people to being passive because “God is in Control:”  and when something does not happen they then blame it on God instead of their lack of action . Leaving followers disempowered which is why I proudly say the lord is not my Shepard for I am not a sheep.

New Age Savior Programming & Narrative

Equally destructive is the new age savior programming narrative that encourages the intentional ignorance (ignor-ance) of taking responsibility which is done by the means of spiritual bypassing.  The good vibes only, toxic positivity is some of the most harmful teachings out there because it teaches people to be in ignorance of their problems like an ostrich with its head in the sand.  Understand if your head is in the sand you are on your knees with your ass in the air.   The new age religion matrix is just another trap for true spiritual seekers to get lost in.

No amount of yoga, meditation, sage, tarot and crystals can help you become a better person unless you are willing to address your shadow aspects via hard work, as that is the true purpose of being here is to evolve.  The same can be said with psychedelics and other new age modalities as these are awesome tools when used in conjunction with conquering your fears.

The new age distracts its followers by sending them down the convoluted spiritual rabbit hole, a never-ending pursuit of reaching 4th dimension, 5d, kundalini activations and ascension.  Have you ever noticed since 2012 how every December 21rst is supposed to have some cosmic significance where something is supposed to happen and yet it never does.  Of course, when the event does not happen they say things like it happened but only those who are in 5D can see it.  And lets not forget the grand solar flash that many are still waiting on.

Both the New Age movement and Christianity do a huge disservice to its followers as it promotes a savior coming to save them which leaves people twiddling their thumbs relying on hopium. This keeps a spiritual being distracted from realizing and actualizing their true human potential.

Moreover, the biggest problem with both these narratives is it promotes division and tends to persecute and mock others who don’t believe them which is not very spiritually evolved.  Both these religions promote black white, right wrong, magical thinking that divides instead of unites humanity.

Aliens Savior Narrative

I could have easily tied this in with the new age movement as it is a portion of it but I feel given how popular the narrative is, it deserves it’s own section.

Many new agers and spiritual people are hoping that a galactic savior is going to sweep down in UFOs and beam up all the ascension worthy people up, leaving earth to become a dystopian nightmare.  Which is similar to this Christian narrative where Jesus comes down from the sky and raptures the saved leaving the rest to suffer for not worshiping their version of Jesus.

If Jesus is so evolved then he is beyond the need to be worshipped as the need to be worshipped is a human trait not a Christ consciousness one.  Is there anywhere in nature where you see something being worshipped?  As above so below as this is one of the natural laws of the universe.

Having said that I do believe aliens and extraterrestrials exist and I feel that some are benevolent and are assisting with humanity from a distance and with the help of starseeds  My belief in starseeds is based on the thousands of past life regressions done by people like Dolores Cannon and Barbra lamb.

Starseeds incarnated here into human bodies but have extraterrestrial roots.  These souls often choose to incarnate into families steeped in darkness in order to dismantle darkness and bring healing for generations to come.  Having said that, they are no different than anyone else and still have all the human struggles and pitfalls.  So they are not going to save humanity either as that is an inside job.

Ask yourself this,  Why would aliens want to help us?  We can’t even accept people of a different color, race, and belief system let along space beings.  We as humanity have allot of growing up to do and this can only be done by constant effort and due diligence.

Humanity will either thrive or die on its own sword and it is up to us what we as a civilization do with it.  Research has shown that this would not be the first time humanity has failed which can be found by learning about the Atlantis and Lemuria only to name a couple.  Given history tends to repeat its self there is allot for us to learn there.

Donald Trump and Q

Whether you voted for the guy with orange hair or not, he definitely did make an impact and is still impacting a large group of people.  As I write this in December 7th 2021, there are people who still believe that Donald Trump is still president and that him and Q are going to save humanity.

Q followers use catchy quotes like “trust the plan” and “it’s all a movie” which causes people to be inactive and brainwashed into thinking Trump is going to return.  Some of the more indoctrinated Q followers believe that trump is a descendant of Jesus and they also believe that JFK Jr is Jesus reincarnate.  In fact thousands of Q followers recently congregated at the spot where JFK was shot at Dealey Plaza, waiting for Trump and JFK junior to triumphantly return.  Q followers also believe that most democrats in power and celebrities’ are satanic child eating pedophiles.  They allege that hundreds of thousands of kids go missing each year and are trafficked in deep underground military bases or under the white-house.

While it is true child trafficking is a real problem ,but not to the degree they claim.  As they tout statistics that are false.  They claim hundreds of thousands of kids go missing each year and yet over 90% of these cases were resolved with most being child custody related.  Most of the other missing cases is attributed to runaways leaving only a very small fraction of missing kidnapped children.

Sadly the alternate Media has been flooded with grifters promoting the Q narrative while raking in loads of donations under false pretenses like save the children.   One of these grifters Scott Mckay had a tour bus wrapped with his image and toured cross country with his Harley in toe under the guise of saving the children.  This grifter admits that none of the money is going to charity as they say the military is handling it.  And this is just one of many shills touting the Q narrative.  He even went as far to brag about making 70k in donations for his new motorcycle in his crusade to save the children.  When someone can figure out how a flashy motorcycle fits into that let me know!  Sadly many of his followers are older women who are sending him their social security checks and doing without because they think they are helping save the children.

Even more disgusting are grifters promoting things like med beds.  Med beds are space age tech that can heal all illnesses.  I watched one grifter, Charlie Ward,  tell a mentally disabled adult with down syndrome that a med bed will help him and that he will talk to his insider General friend so that he could be put on the list first, giving this poor guy hope on technology that does not exist in our reality.  And in my opinion taking advantage is the disabled and elderly is despicable.

Sadly grifters are playing on the fears and uncertainty of the pandemic for financial gain.  There never ending stream of hopium keeps users coming back like a drug addict.  This causes people to become complacent and passive as they are being told to trust the plan and watch the movie and do nothing.  No doubt the Q-Psyop was one of the most well devised of our times and its consequences are dangerous.

You would think it being a year later that we would have moved on by now but here we are a year later and both the Q grifters and followers are still waiting for Trump to return.  I understand where people are coming from being disappointed that Trump did not win as I voted for him also but clearly America felt differently and we have to honor that.  I know that is controversial as many feel the election was “stolen” and more than likely there was some shenanigans happening but nothing was proven in a court of law.  So for now we are stuck with sleepy joe and hopefully next time we can choose wiser.   Lets go Brandon!

Sadly the Q narrative is getting even crazier as time goes by which is not good. As some of these people have extremist beliefs and hate towards LGBT and Jewish community which is unacceptable as a society if we want to evolve.

Psyops like Q are dangerous as it gives people a false sense of reality while disconnecting them from loved ones..  Sadly some of these people will never wake up.  Even though it is legally impossible for their savior Trump to return.

Government Savior Programming Narrative

Last but not least there are those who worship government.  They wholeheartedly feel that government cares about them and has the answers.  This can’t be further from the truth.  Government only cares of those that keep them in power and friends that is not us.   These people blindly accept anything coming from a government authority without question even when said officials are proven to be corrupt..

Savior Based Programing the Government

In conclusion savior based narratives have always and will always be around and there will always be those all to happy to hand over their power in the hopes someone else will save them.  Sadly some of these people will never wake up.

Now more than ever it is imperative that we as humanity, stop giving power over to any type of savior programming.  Especially when we are now faced with even more freedoms on the chopping block

Ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and helping our brothers and sisters awaken.  Therefore if you found this message helpful or valuable please share and lets help those who are willing to become empowered.

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